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The Scribemus website is no longer actively seeking work, due to retirement.
However, we are happy to consider one-off projects for former clients and friends.
Thank you for your loyalty and generous feedback, over the years.

Website Content, Copywriting & Editing Services

The UK-based Scribemus copywriters and editors provide a broad spectrum of copywriting and editing skills tailored to the ever-shifting demands of global commerce. With extensive portfolios to our credit, our established writers have many years' experience of copywriting/editing for various media including online and hardcopy print publication.

We cover a wide range of writing styles in a variety of formats.

What we offer:

SEO Website Copy

We specialise in creating SEO (search engine optimised) copy and re-writing underachieving web content. Our leading business writers know exactly how to add value to your marketing strategy with content that gives you the edge over the competition!

We use only proven strategies and style enhancement techniques for composing targeted SEO web content that is powerful, succinct and above all, delivers results and an upswing in visitor traffic and enquiries. All e-commerce content is tailored to your specific marketing requirements.

English Language Experts
At Scribemus, our writing talents are not confined to the exigencies of the business world alone. We also possess a strong academic background in many disciplines and are familiar, for instance, with the format of academic papers and with editing complex documents, journals, dissertations and theses.

Accessible Language
Our knowledgeable business writers are equally conversant with creating dynamic sales copy as with writing 'easy-reading', glossy magazine and e-zine-style articles and features.

Website Standard Legal Documentation
For your peace of mind, Scribemus also provides a competitively priced package of essential legal documents, as well as a basic legal auditing service for your website.

What Sets the Scribemus Copywriters apart from other Content Providers?
  • Where credibility is crucial, we can deliver! Whatever your objective, we can make words work for you.
  • Our style-sensitive writers always ensure that copy is written/re-written/edited in the most appropriate format for its target audience; we can easily adapt our style to suit your individual requirements.
  • We listen to our clients and are prepared to put a great deal of time and thought into understanding and meeting your specific needs.
  • In addition, we have established a fine reputation for reliability and commitment to meeting deadlines, focusing on precise timescales staged to meet your priorities.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed.
To contact Scribemus for a free, no-obligation quotation, please email:

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